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Build The Classic Woodworkers Toolbox

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9 x 24 x 10 Classic Woodworkers Toolbox a great little toolbox in Sketchup 8. Each piece labeled and you can add dimensions to each part. The file is small so I Zipped it here for download. Edit the file and make it ready to 'Run Cutlist' or add the dimensions either way in 5 or 10 mins your plan is ready and you can build this classic.

If your a new Sketchup user read these also Making it Cullist Ready Part 1  Making It Cutlist Ready Part 2  Making it Cutlist Ready Part 3  Making It Cutlist Ready Part 4
9x24x10 wooden toolbox
Skecthup tip: Dimensions for tool tray added by making it a component the edit component to add Diameter & Rad's

If your a newbie to Sketchup this is a nice file to learn to take apart and add dimensions. I am testing a plugin to take a model apart and make each piece a scene. I used it on this file. I will add the utility plugins I am testing soon to the downloads. These plugins are NOW online...  
gotwood ?

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